Natural Beauty of Slavic Women

Natural Beauty of Slavic Women

  • Posted: Jul 24, 2011
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Foreigners often consider meeting and dating with Ukrainian women. It’s a pleasure for dating agencies of Ukraine to offer assistance in romantic sphere. Slavic women in general and Ukrainians in particular are remarkable for their natural beauty. It is recognized by many foreign visitors that have been to Ukraine or Russia. Think about average portrait of a woman from the Western part of the globe: she puts a ton of make up, visits plastic surgeon on regular basis, and cares about each calorie eaten. Maybe this is an acceptable approach for a woman who has the only goal of living to standards of “the face from magazine cover”. But what gets often overlooked by such women is that genuine beauty has little to do with artificially flawless appearance. Conversely, the majority of Ukrainian ladies are deep individualities aside from being solely pretty and appealing. Being innately attractive, they do not use this peculiarity as a lure. Ukrainian women neither seek for a role of a kept woman, who serves as a decoration for her husband, nor do they want to be adored only for attractiveness. They look for relationships of mutual respect and affection with deep connections between spouses. Ukrainian wives are not the ones to require a marriage contract to be signed. For them trustful relationship is more of a personal sphere rather than official, guided by terms of contracts or other made-up norms.

What makes Ukrainian girls special?

Foreigners at first sight notice rich and thoughtful expression of Ukrainian women’s eyes. Ladies in Ukraine doesn’t get used to faking their emotions and attitudes. They are perfect soulmates, who will share all gladness, and all sorrow if needed, with the man who will treat them tenderly and honestly, just like they deserve.

Ukrainian ladies are also excellent in cooking. If you ever tasted Ukrainian food, you know what we mean when we say it’s delicious and authentic. Women of Ukraine like to keep the tradition of meeting their husband with the full table of dishes, when he comes home tired in the end of a working day. For Ukrainian women, cooking for their significant one is nothing like a chore or duty, they try to put their love into dishes, and that’s the main secret ingredient, that husbands appreciate most of all. Imagine that every meal can be a romantic dinner with the lady you love. Just don’t spoil it with “take it for granted” attitude, as russian women don’t like when their efforts are ignored. Deep personality means strong will and sense of dignity. Ukrainian woman will not offend her husband or make him feel uncomfortable by ignoring, but similarly they will no tolerate this kind of behavior towards themselves.

Ukrainian dating agencies will be happy if their service helps you in finding the girl of your dreams, which will answer you with the same feelings. So, prepare your words of introduction and go ahead!

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Five Sweet Russian Girls’ Dreams

Five Sweet Russian Girls’ Dreams

  • Posted: Nov 18, 2010
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You are dreaming about charming, fabulous and graceful Russian women… But what are their dreams about? Love, money, success or something else? What do they see while sleeping? And what do they wish when the first snowflakes are falling down from the sky? Here you will find sweet Russian girls’ dreams, which can follow you to their hearts…

1. Love forever and ever

All dreams start with love, and each Russian woman wishes to find it. They want to love and be loved, they wish for someone to care for them and be there for them. Russian beautiful girls believe in soulmates and that true love really exists, that it can be as big as an ocean and make happiness happen. They believe in relationship full of love and passion, trust and dedication, admiration and respect. The whole life as unforgettable romance – this is the sweetest dream of the sweetest girls!

2. Happy family

Happy family is the other Russian women dream, and moreover, it is one of the most important values of Russian women. Great, loving and delightful husband, beautiful healthy kids playing in the green yard, fun family vacations and miraculous household holidays: what can be better than all this? Russian women are wonderful wives and caring mothers with big heart, who can sacrifice everything for their children. And they dream to have a happy family because they believe fundamentally that it is the most important thing in the world.

3. Material well-being

Russian women wish to have a material well-being: it is a necessary condition for good life and a prerequisite for bring-up kids. Russian girls know what “love in a cottage” means, but at the same time they understand that “when poverty comes at the door, love flies out of the window”. Financial well-being is indispensable for family relationships, and Russian women really understand it, because the average salary in Russia and Ukraine is low. But it doesn’t mean that Russian girls wish to have millions of dollars: they just want to have enough money for family life coverage, a good house, a car and so forth. In addition, Russian beauties dream to have pretty clothes and accessories, because it’s not a secret that beautiful women need beautiful things.

4. Traveling around the world

To travel around the world is one of the dearest wishes of Russian women. The majority of them didn’t travel far from home, and that is why they dream to see the world and visit a lot of different interesting places. Romantic Russian girls dream to visit London and the city of love – Paris, travel to New York and Los Angeles, to have summer vacation in Cyprus and Seychelles… And what is important: Russian girls dream to travel and have adventures with their true love. So… Maybe you are the one?

5. Catch her own little star from the sky

Lovely Russian women have many dreams, but there is one more very significant wish which can characterize them. Russian girls want to feel that they are special for someone, that they have something unique and very important in their life. In this big world Russian beauties need to have their own little star which will remind them that everything’s gonna be alright and they can never be lost again.

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Russian women attitude towards money

Russian women attitude towards money

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The money question exists in almost each sphere of our life, and relationship with a woman is not the exception. A lot of dates are ruined because of financial issues. When you are meeting a woman from another culture, you don’t know what to expect. To avoid uncomfortable situations, it’s better to be prepared. So are there any differences in money questions for dating in Russia or Ukraine and in Europe? And how much money do you need to date gorgeous and beautiful Russian women?

Paying etiquette in Russia and Ukraine is differing than in some European countries. On the West a lot of women are insulted if men pay the bill, because it may make them feel uncomfortable as if they can’t afford to pay their own way. But most of Russian women expect that man will pay. Otherwise it’s going to be ungentlemanly.

Stinginess is a bad sign for all Russian women. They value generosity and aware of greediness. If you invite her to the restaurant, paying for the bill is as a matter of course. Also you need to have enough money in cash: not in all restaurants you can pay by your credit card, and sometimes you can get some troubles with banking transaction. Money in hand is also important to leave a tip: it’s necessary and characterizes you from the best side.

Don’t complain about the prices in the restaurants if you don’t want to get into an awkward situation. And remember that talking about finances is forbidden on the first date: don’t inquire a Russian woman about her income just after acquaintance: she will be really disappointed in you.

If you asked your Russian beauty to go out, you will be expected to cover all expenses such as restaurant bills, tickets, transport charges and whatever. By the way, you have to know at least one taxi number, because using public transport is not desirable for dating.

Also there is one other thing which Russian women adore and expect from you – flowers. And in this case eleven roses is a good number for start, and fifty-one – perfect to say “I love you”. But even one fabulous rose can show your attentive attitude. The name of the game is that flowers are manner of expression what do you think about her and what are your plans.

But the other side of the shield is that you have to avoid relationships when she is dating your money. Don’t buy her too much presents and don’t give her money, otherwise what kind of relationship you are going to receive? Be generous, but you should always know where to stop, if you see that she likes your money in place of you.

It’s always better when money isn’t an issue, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be rich to date a beautiful Russian woman. You just need enough money to show that you can take care about her and provide your fascinating Russian woman with a good life.

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Intercultural marriages with Russian women: hopeful or stressful?

Intercultural marriages with Russian women: hopeful or stressful?

  • Posted: Nov 07, 2010
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Intercultural marriages are widespread nowadays. Some stories about them seem to be exciting, others are terrifying. What are you going to receive from such kind of marriages: happy life or endless pitfalls, paradise or hell? Are they hopeful or stressful?

There are different reasons for people to be involved in cross-cultural relationships: some are looking for romantic adventures and exotic feelings, others are expecting to find something better than they can have in their own culture. Whatever motives you have, in the long run you may receive unexpected results.

Marriage cannot be an everlasting honeymoon, moreover it’s hard work even if you are from the same culture, and often it doesn’t matter what ethnic background the person comes from. But still there are some peculiarities which usually come after intercultural marriages.

Language & Communication: problems and benefits

It is believed that love speaks without words. But so far as you don’t know well the native languages of each other, at least sometimes it’s going to be quite difficult to communicate, and all the more to dispose problems which might be encountered in different situations at home, in communication with parents and friends from both sides. But you have to remember that such stressful problems can be solved. Learning language of each other will definitely help in your progress in relationship. And a good point is that Russian women usually learn a foreign language quickly, and what is more, they are good teachers.

Meanwhile there is a great advantage in the intercultural marriages: it’s well-known that the best way to learn a language is to have a lover from that particular country. In this way you will learn one more foreign language which can be useful in your relations and life. Moreover, teaching each other can very fresh and exciting, especially if you’re going to use the language of love!

Cross-cultural newlyweds

The first time after the marriage is the most exciting time for bicultural couples. Getting to know each other is fun and always unpredictable when you are from different cultures. Everything is new and breathtaking; you’re full of fresh impressions and great expectations… It’s an adventure which seems to continue forever, especially with a Russian wife!

Adaptation processes

Adaptation is an integral component for immigration process which is inseparable from bicultural marriages. Usually it comes after exciting and thrilling time and brings stressful feelings to both partners. Depression is one of the components of the adaptation process to a new land. If you are going to marry a Russian woman and take her to your country, you have to be prepared for such kind of removal effects. During the adaptation she might become aware of her social isolation and feel sadness and homesick for Russia, therefore it’s very important to help her to begin to feel at home in the new social environment.

Daily routine: face to face with different habits

It’s obvious that people from different cultures have different daily habits. It even happens within partners with same nationality. In intercultural marriage you can have totally different food habits, distinct views about who is responsible for housekeeping, about day activities and spending time together. For instance, some Russian food dishes are famous all over the world, but at the same time there are many foreigners who used to eat another food during all their life and new meal habits are inappropriate for them in a marriage. There are many things to consider before living together. Usually bicultural couples are so exciting about their unusual love that they may forget to speak about their views on the future everyday life. A lot of Russian women are expecting that in the marriage with a foreigner they will be free from domestic work, because in Russia it is believed that people from developed countries keep housemaids. That is why it’s better to speak about all issues like these before living together.

Cultural traditions

When two people with different cultural heritage are decided to get married, they are going to be confronted by difficulties caused by different values, morals and etiquette. According to Russian traditions hosts and hostesses must show unfailing generosity, that is why Russian wives prepare a lot of food when the family expects guests. Moreover, it’s in the order of things to invite round for a cup of tea or to dinner even strangers. So it’s better to talk about these things and lay down some rules. You have to be prepared for major differences and respect values of each other’s culture.

One of the advantages of intercultural marriages is that you are going to celebrate much more holidays that you had used to. There are different holidays in different cultures, and thus bicultural couples have more occasions for celebration.

Religious questions

It’s much easier if both spouses are of the same communion, otherwise religious conflicts are common characteristic of bicultural marriages. Most of Russian women are the Orthodox Christians, but still in Russia there are many representatives of other Christian persuasions like the Catholic Christians, the Protestants, Old Believers, and of other denominations. Some are atheists, but mostly Russian women follow Christian practices and beliefs. Both partners in cross-cultural marriages should study each other’s faith. Converting to a new religion isn’t necessary, but you have to understand and respect each other’s believes.

Raising bi-cultural children

Intercultural marriages give birth to bi-cultural children. Such families meet the challenges of raising kids with two cultures. Spouses have to settle questions about what language to teach children, how to communicate in the house and to decide many other issues.

In addition, you can take two very important benefits from the marriage with a Russian woman. Firstly, they are wonderful mothers with a heart of pure gold. And secondly, children from the marriage with a Russian woman are going to be very beautiful!

Intercultural marriages can be successful or unhappy, hopeful or stressful, or both at the same time. It’s not an interethnic question. Yes, there are some peculiarities, but in general only love, understanding and tolerance are the most important things which all married couples have to remember. Differences are a part of marriage, and as long as you love each other, maybe not everything, but the most gonna be all right.

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