First, make sure that you are prepared mentally, financially, and even physically for finding love in Ukraine and Russia. Searching for, corresponding with, traveling to meet with, and, if all goes well, marrying your beautiful Russian bride will require you meeting the grades in all these areas.

If using a Russian/Ukrainian women marriage agency website do your homework first. Check the Russian women forums and blacklists for advice.

If using free Russian women dating websites be particularly careful to check blacklists and to educate yourself on how to identify scammers. Most scammers are in the free websites because it takes less effort on their part (scammers are naturally lazy) and because there are fewer barriers to entry (controls) there.

I know it has been said many times before, but in your correspondence be honest about who you are. In the long run, if you eventually plan to meet and marry this Russian woman, it is going to be better for both of you.

Ask lots of questions, not only is this a good method for getting to know your beautiful Russian lady but it is also a good method to weed out the scammers. When reading the replies pay particular attention to any questions unanswered. If questions are unanswered, except for a one or two line personal message at the beginning or end of the reply, and the remainder of the letter is a form letter that could have been sent to anyone, then be careful; scammer alert! The exception to this would be the ladies first reply to you.

Don’t fall in love with photos, especially studio photos! Yes, in general, the Ukrainian and Russian women are much more beautiful and feminine than in your home country but a good photographer and Adobe Photoshop can do wonders too!

NEVER send money to someone, including a Ukrainian or Russian woman, whom you have not already met in person, regardless of the situation.

Communicate with a few Russian and Ukrainian ladies. Regardless how well suited you seem via email and phone calls there is still the chemistry of a personal meeting. I have met so many men who have taken the time and spent the effort and money to get here, came to meet only one woman, and I find them sitting alone in the café for the remainder of their one or two week trip because after the first few hours, for whatever reason, things didn’t work out. So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and have a few backup plans!! I have lived in Ukraine for years, and trust me, the ladies have their backup plans so you should too.

When meeting Ukrainian ladies for dates, if they cannot communicate in your language, I highly recommend you use your own translator, either one thru your marriage agency or, even better, a freelance translator. This way you can be sure your translator is telling you what the lady is really saying, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you don’t want to be taken advantage of then use your common sense and think with your head (I mean the one between your shoulders!). For the most part, do what you would do if you were on a date in your own country. I have met foreign men here who complained they were taken advantage of. I asked them if they would take a woman shopping on a first date in their country. They replied, “Of course not!”. So, don’t do it here either! If you would usually go to a café, coffee shop for drinks, or for a walk in the park, then do that here too. And then proceed from there as you would in your own country.

One difference however is that femininity (not feminism!) is more common here. When dating do more or less as you would in your own country but treat your Ukrainian lady as you would have in your country BEFORE feminism became the standard in the western world. Ask your mother how she liked to be treated on dates!

I understand that time and money are constraints. But I encourage you, if at all possible, not to make any big decisions based on a one week meeting. I would suggest you continue to communicate by email or phone and return again for another trip.

If all goes well and you and your Ukrainian or Russian woman decide you want to tie the knot or you want to bring her to your country then you will need to do some research and likely get some professional advice concerning the process and the paperwork.  Again, you could consult some of the Russian women forums to get you started in the right direction.

I wish you good luck with your adventure and hope you find the Ukrainian or Russian lady of your dreams!