Exchanging letters is the best way to convey your personality to potential soul mate. It is also lots of fun. Our experienced translators make the whole process easy and fast removing any language barriers between you and your lady. It usually takes no more than 2 days to get a response from lady of your choice. We recommend to exchange at least 5 messages with a lady before phone call or video date her.

Here how the system works. After the registration approval you immediately start to receive introduction letters from women which indicated an interest in you. Opening introduction messages is free. We also advise you to send letters and smiles to women you liked to stimulate the feedback. Remember all outgoing messages are free.

After your lady receives a letter it is being translated and delivered to her by e-mail on the same day. Our managers often phone call ladies to insure they are following the correspondence. Lady's response is translated back in English and appears in you inbox. To cover translation and other associated costs we charge you for opened messages. The price of opening a message depends on a ranking of a lady in our system. You can check the current ranking in the lady's profile. The price stays fixed at the level of the first opened message even if the ranking changes with time.