So you have heard about the beautiful and feminine Russian women (it’s true!) and want to take the next step, searching for and choosing some candidates to begin corresponding with via the internet. But where to begin?

If you are like most men beginning this adventure then likely you will Google “Russian women”, “Russian brides”, “Russian women marriage agencies”, or something similar. The result will be a long and daunting list of hundreds of websites. Some of these Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage and dating websites will be free, some will be pay for membership, some will be pay for services, and some will be scammers! How do you decide which marriage and dating website to use?

The first thing to be aware of, if you decide to use the free dating/marriage websites, is that you had better educate yourself on how to detect scammers. I am not saying there are no scammers in the marriage agency websites, but because it is much easier and with less controls for the scammers to post profiles in the free websites then that is where you will find the majority of them.

One method you can use to find a dating/marriage website is to try all of them and then decide which is best for you. If you choose this method I hope you have a lot of money and even more time! Obviously this is not the best method.

My suggestion is to take advantage of the experience of other men, similar to yourself, who have been through this process before. There are a few ways to do this.

The first, if you know anyone personally who has been through this process, take them out for a coffee and or phone them and get their advice. One note of caution, I think you will get better advice from some someone who has been through this process and who is now happily living with their beautiful Russian or Ukrainian bride than you would get from someone who was unsuccessful in finding their perfect mate. Ask them how they got started, what worked, what didn’t work?

The next method is to Google “Russian women forums”, “Ukrainian women forums”, or something similar. You will find that there are a number of forums available (I would say if you find 10-15 choices then you have found most of the them), some more popular than others, and some more useful than others. Some of the forums are independent and some are associated with Russian women marriage agencies. I suggest you browse through them and find the ones that offer the most practical and objective advice. A few of the Russian women forums have deteriorated in to forums for men to brag about their sexual conquests and not much else useful information.

In these forums you will find many men, with experience in this process, advising which dating and marriage agency websites to use and which ones not to use. A word of caution, when one is not successful, even if it is due to our own fault, it is human nature to find someone else to blame rather than ourselves. So, don’t rely on only one person’s opinion when determining which marriage agency websites to use.

Now that you have a tentative list of websites the next step you should take is to Google “Russian women blacklist”, “Russian dating blacklist”, “Marriage agency blacklist”, “Russian women scam(mers)” or something similar. Check some of these blacklists and see if any of the dating/marriage agency sites in your list are on them. Again, don’t necessarily discard them if it is only one person’s opinion. But if you see the same website on many blacklists or blacklisted by many men then most likely you should avoid it! Note: you may also find some blacklists inside some of the forums.

You will also be able to use these blacklists later when you are looking at specific Russian and Ukrainian women’s profiles in the free and marriage agency websites. If you find too many blacklisted profiles in the website you should probably avoid it.

Now that you have your list of Ukrainian/
Russian dating websites that have been recommended by other men who have experience in this process and which you have checked against the blacklists, it is time to start searching for your dream partner.

As I mentioned previously, there are free sites, pay for membership, pay for services, and many variations in between (such as pay a monthly fee for unlimited communication). You will need to decide which system or systems suits you best. Again, you could consult the forums but that may be of limited use as I think the choice comes down to each individual’s requirements. If you have followed the steps above, then I think at this stage you should choose what works for you.

Have fun and good luck with your search!