In the south of Ukraine not far from the Black Sea is the small city of Nikolaev (in Ukrainian it would be Mykolaiv). It is surrounded by the waters of the two rivers which merge here and continue the short journey onwards to the sea. In soviet times Nikolaev was a “closed” city (restricted access, especially for foreigners) as the primary industry in those times was shipbuilding (including military ships). Nikolaev has a long history of shipbuilding, even before soviet times. There is still a shipbuilding industry here but it is operating at a capacity far below what it did before.

Nikolaev is my favorite city in Ukraine, but I am biased, I live here. For both locals and for marriage agencies operating in Nikolaev, this city is known as “The City of Brides”. When you are walking around it seems like there is a 70% ratio of Ukrainian women to men, there are beautiful Ukrainian ladies everywhere! But perhaps that is my selective perception as the Nikolaev women dress so sexy and are so beautiful.

One of the stories I have heard explaining the beauty of the Ukrainian women in this region is that during the times of the tsar, he ordered women sent to Nikolaev from all over the Russian empire as it was mostly men there working in the shipbuilding industry. And that it is the result of this mixing of blood from all over the Russian empire which created the plethora of gorgeous Ukrainian women here.

All over Ukraine the ladies love to dress feminine and show off what they’ve got. However, having traveled through most of Ukraine I am going to make a generalization, the smaller the city the more revealing the women’s clothing. The Nikolaev women (especially in summer) dress very sexy and revealing and in general with good taste. But, as with everything in life, there are exceptions. Not all the Ukrainian women here dress so revealing and there are also some who, in my opinion, take revealing a little too far over the top. It is just my opinion, but when the miniskirt is so short that you can see the cracks in her butt, I think it is too revealing for the central street. Leave that for the beach.

One of the things I love about Nikolaev (besides the huge percentage of beautiful Ukrainian ladies) is that for a small city there is remarkably many things to do in here.

Nikolaev, has one of the nicest central streets in Ukraine. It is for pedestrians only and is lined with shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. It is a wide, tree-lined street that runs about 1 mile from the center to the river. This is the street where the action is and all day, but particularly in the evenings, you will find the gorgeous and sexy Nikolaev ladies strolling slowly up and down the street.

At the end towards the river is a beautiful park (complete with a Lenin monument, this was/is a predominately Russian culture region) with a hilltop walkway overlooking the lower boulevard and river. In the summer you can enjoy a beer or tea with your Ukrainian lady at the outdoor cafes on either the upper and lower promenades along the river. In the evening, with the lights along the river (and even though you are only a 5 minute walk from the main street it is much more secluded), it is a quiet romantic atmosphere.

If you really want to impress your lady it is here also that you will find one of Nikolaev and Ukraine’s most exclusive restaurants. It is owned by one of Ukraine’s richest businessmen and is called Restaurant Natali. The food is delicious and the atmosphere luxurious. And the cost is less than that of an average restaurant in other countries. Here you will find an extensive English menu and wine list that is translated without errors. I know that because my wife and I translated the menus for them!

There are many other great places here to go on a date with a Ukrainian lady. There is an Olympic sized pool complex with a splash pool, a nice zoo, beaches with pickup volleyball (the locals go in the river but it’s not for me), an ice skating and hockey arena (one of my favorites, being a Canadian hockey player), sailing, boat rental, saunas, a modern shopping center with a bowling center and cinema complex (occasionally they will show a film in English too), and if you have an adventurous Ukrainian lady then there is even lasertag, outdoor paintball, and parachuting! And of course, a selection of nightclubs for the night owls.

So in the City of Brides you will find a bounty of beautiful and sexy Ukrainian ladies and many interesting activities that you can enjoy together!