Every city in Ukraine has a slightly different flavor. One of the more exotic places to visit a Ukrainian lady is in Odessa. Nestled in the south of Ukraine by the Black Sea, Odessa has historically been a crossroads between cultures. Odessa is Ukraine’s closest city to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Moldova and is a multicultural melting pot. Due to this, here you will find not only Ukrainian women with the classic beautiful Slavic features but also Ukrainian women with some beautiful exotic features due to the mixing of blood in this region.

The centerpiece of the city is the central pedestrian-only street Deribasovskaya. It is lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants. At one end is a quaint little park with benches and a fountain that dances to music in the evening and at the other end you will find the beautifully restored opera house and are steps to the Black Sea. Any time of the year you will find beautiful and sexy Ukrainian ladies strolling up and down Deribasoskaya showing off their stuff. For those that miss home, here is also where you will find one of Odessa’s 4 McDonalds restaurants. Another mainstay of almost every European city is an Irish pub and Odessa is no exception, you will find it here too.

There are many things to do when you want to take your Ukrainian lady out on a date. In the center of Odessa much of the classic old European style architecture has been restored so just a walk around the center is a great date. And one of the ways these Ukrainian ladies keep such slim figures is that they are not afraid of walking. They might tire you out! You can stroll down the central street undisturbed by traffic, then past the opera house to Primorski Boulevard. This is a beautiful tree lined street at the top of the hill overlooking the port of Odessa. Strolling down this street will take you to the top of the Potemkin stairs. Continue down the stairs and you will end up at the passenger terminal for boats traveling to Turkey, the yacht club, and one of Odessa’s newest hotels. If you take your Ukrainian woman to the top floor lounge of this hotel for a cocktail overlooking the Black Sea you are sure to impress her and set the mood for the evening.

As I mentioned above, Odessa has a newly restored opera house. Personally, this is one of my favorite places to go with my Ukrainian wife. They have performances of both opera and ballet and there are plenty of billboards around the city letting you know the schedule. Also, the prices are dirt cheap so go for a box seat with just you and your Ukrainian woman!

In addition to opera and ballet Odessa also has a symphony orchestra and many types of live theatre including comedy theatres. If you don’t understand Russian or Ukrainian language you might not enjoy it as much as the ballet or opera but your Ukrainian woman may appreciate your effort.  

Outside of the center the west end of Odessa is lined with miles and miles of beaches. When it is not summer strolling along the beachside walkway or along the beach itself is a quiet and secluded getaway from the pace of city life. It is a great chance to have deep conversations with your Ukrainian girl. In the winter be sure to dress warm as the winds coming off the sea can be quite cool.

An interesting place to take your Ukrainian lady is a little bit outside of the city, the catacombs. Even though the Ukrainian ladies love wearing their high heels, she is going to have to leave them at home for this adventure. There are usually excursions going there beginning at the central rail station. There is a good chance your lady has never been there herself as it is the old story of never going to see what is in your own city. During World War II many people lived in these caves to hide from the Nazis. Some got caught by the Nazis when they went out because of the color of their skin from lack of sunlight. There is a tour through the catacombs which shows how people survived in these caves. Maybe it is not romantic but I found it interesting to see with my Ukrainian wife.

For something with a little more energy Odessa has plenty of nightlife. In the winter most of the nightclubs and cafes can be found in the central area of the city. In the summer you and your Ukrainian lady will be doing most of your nightclubbing by the beach as most of the central nightclubs shut their doors in the summer.

So if beautiful Slavic Ukrainian women with some exotic features are your cup of tea then come to Odessa. There are plenty of women to meet and many interesting places to go on dates.

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