So, you have taken the big step of coming to Ukraine or Russia for the first time to meet the beautiful Ukrainian women or Russian women that you have been communicating with. What should you do and how should you prepare for the first date?

For a first date typically she is going to meet you somewhere in public (unless you are meeting in the marriage agency office). You don’t know the city well enough to pick her up at her place (and likely she doesn’t want you to know yet where she lives). Call her (or have someone call for you) and arrange a time and place to meet that is easy for you to find and for you to find her. Double-check that both of you understand. Let her know a general plan of what you are going to do on the first date.

On a first date most honest Ukrainian and Russian women do not mind going for a walk (in fact they love walking) or chatting over a tea/coffee and dessert in a café. If she insists on meeting at (or in front of) an expensive restaurant or nightclub get your red flags up! Don’t be afraid to tell her that you don’t feel such an atmosphere is suitable for a first date. If she still insists, dump her, no question about it.

How well does she speak your language? How well do you speak her language? How good are you at communicating with body language? Depending on your answers to these you may want to arrange for an interpreter.

An hour or two before you are to meet her, call and confirm your meeting. This is important! Ukrainian and Russian women are notorious for changing plans at the last minute and not showing up so why waste your time? Personally, I would ditch any woman that canceled at the last minute or did not show up. Usually it is some lame excuse (like an unexpected relative showed up), which really translates in to “I found something more interesting to do than meet you”. If you know for a FACT that someone close to her died or was in an accident then go ahead and arrange to meet her later.

Get dressed for your date. Don’t dress sloppy and get rid of the sneakers! Men in Russia and Ukraine do not dress as casual as us. Most times I can spot a foreigner on the street without even seeing their face just by how sloppy they are dressed compared to everyone else.
Show up at the meeting place (or marriage agency office) on time. If you arrive early at the marriage agency office you can check out the ladies going in and out while you are waiting. The chance of your Russian or Ukrainian lady showing up on time is almost ZERO (I really think it is part of their mentality to make you wait and build anticipation {or fear that she may not show}so that you appreciate her more), however, if YOU show up late and she is waiting likely she will be very angry and you have started off on the wrong foot with her culturally.

If you are greeting her with flowers be sure it is an odd number (a cultural superstition). I am not crazy about presenting flowers on the first date unless it is a lady whom I have developed a “connection” with by phone or writing beforehand. I feel it is more appropriate as an expression of feelings after you have developed a relation with your Ukrainian lady.

Then go for a walk (it is appropriate for you to offer and for her hold your arm). If you have an interpreter, the interpreter should stand farthest away from you. Not in the middle and not beside you. Not beside you because you want to be looking at your lady when speaking! Not in the middle because that immediately creates a physical (and emotional) barrier between you and your lady.

If you or your lady are getting tired or cold/hot (depending on time of year) then you can suggest sitting down in a café for drink. Don’t try to impress her with your material assets or gadgets. Most Ukrainian and Russian women looking for a foreigner are looking for financial stability but they don’t like when you brag about it.

The same advice I would give for a first date anywhere in the world, keep the date relatively short. It creates some mystery for the next date (although this presents more of problem when you are visiting for a short time). If the chemistry is incredible then let it ride, it is certainly not unacceptable for a Ukrainian or Russian woman to sleep with you on the first date if she is really in to you. And vice verse, if there is no chemistry or if it is obvious she is scamming you then don’t be afraid to just end the date. Thank her for her time and let her know that the chemistry is just not there for you.

And finally, at the end of the date, if you like your Ukrainian girl then be clear that you want to see her again and try to arrange the next meeting. If she can’t say now then ask her when you should call her. Try to get some kind of commitment from her. If she is evasive then likely she doesn’t like you as much as you like her. In that case, you might want to chalk this date up to experience and invest your time with another lady.